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street lighting 

solution overview

Solution overview


(OEM, Utility or Smart City Integrator)

Most installers are decided through municipality tenders.

  • The dongle and configuration app are used for easy configuration after luminaires have been installed. 
    Some use the dongle and configuration app without the cloud connectivity (gateway installation) providing motion controlled lighting with data saved in the controls flash memory.

  • The gateway and cloud solution provide key data for the street light performance and management. 
    Essential data is saved in the cloud database for easy site interface to other systems.
    All data from the luminaires is communicated to the cloud via the gateway and a secured protocol.

  • With the asset management app the existing luminaries of any type are added to the cloud with GPS position, manufacturer, luminaire model etc. providing key management data. 


  • We work closely with OEMs to integrate sensor, control and 
    antenna in their luminaries.


  • OEMs use the dongle and producer app as a quality control tool for production to setup the light intensity, scheduling and traceability. The producer APP connects and tests the controller and luminaire for working properly before installation.



End-users benefit from the cloud solution and asset management app:


  • Street light monitoring and management

  • Metering and consumption data

  • Open API with easy integration to 3rd party GIS system and Smart City SW interface


Dashboard video

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