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Since 2010 Seneco has realized projects for our customers.

We are dedicated to our customers' projects. We hope the below project stories will inspire you and allow you to discover first-hand how you can realize the full potential of your project with our technologies.












Viborg kommune

Haderslev kommune

Bornholm kommune

Street solution

street solution

"Earlier we switched on every second streetlight to save power. It gave a lot of dark spots, which reduced the safety of citizens.
The new motion-controlled LED lamps are designed for the light to be constantly turned up and down.
We save a lot of power, and citizens can move safely and comfortably"

Thorkild Vestergaard

Civil engineer at Viborg Municipality

Viborg Municipality will save 80-90% of the energy consumption for street lighting with LED lights and motion sensors.

In April 2015, the municipality of Viborg in Denmark completed two pilot projects for street lighting on two streets located in a business area. On both streets, LED luminares are now fitted with motion sensors that activate the street lighting during the lighting period. The Swedish company Prima Light AB has supplied the luminaries.

Basically the street lights are in standby mode and consume only a minimum of power. When a sensor in the luminare detects a movement, the light switches on that streetlight and the nearest streetlights simultaneously. The lights remain on for a few minutes before they switch back to standby. This way you will always have enough streetlight where and when you need it.

In the winter period, when it is dark in the morning and afternoon, there are many activations of the luminares throughout the day, and in the summer period fewer activations due to daylight. Outside the lighting period there is no power consumption at the installation.
Compared with the old luminares, energy saving in smart motion-controlled LED luminaries will be 80-90%.

Viborg Municipality plans to change street lighting for approx. 80 million. DKK. Replacement will take place both in the city and country side. The replacement for energy-efficient street lighting in Viborg municipality is just one of a number of innovative energy initiatives that take place under the EU project CeDEPI. The project is being implemented by Region Midtjylland in 11 municipalities with the purpose of creating public energy savings for the benefit of the economy, the climate and, not least, local employment.

Cycling track

cycling track

"We are talking about the most modern full-scale facilities in Denmark. This is the future of lighting on cycling pathways and in housing areas"


Niels Bebe

Chairman of the Technical and Environmental Committee

in Middelfart

The municipality of Middelfart in partnership with Focus Lighing and powered by Seneco implements a modern cycling track. The pathway features adaptive lighting not only as a way to optimally use energy, but also to contribute to the safety and comfort of the bicycle commuters and local residents.

Comfort, safety and energy efficiency as main design principles: each lighting fixture along the pathway is set to light up at 10% of lighting capacity, this assures visibility clearance a long way ahead without too much energy waste. When a runner or a cyclist passes by, the luminary based SENSOR registers motion and adjusts the lighting levels to 100% in the present luminary and the ones ahead. Thus the cyclists and runners benefit of a comfortable track. The intersections are constantly illuminated at full lighting capacity to eliminate collision risk.

Adaptive lighting, cykling track

Middelfart Municipality, Denmark

Photo: Focus Lighting

Jogging track

jogging track

Adaptive lighting, cykling track

Middelfart Municipality, Denmark

Photo: Philips


Sondermarken is one of Copenhagen’s oldest parks dating back to early 17th century. Due to its scenic greenery and central location, it is a popular spot for outdoor recreation. Seneco took on the challenge to enrich the park life and offer its guests a unique interactive experience. Having in mind such keywords as interactivity and playfulness, but also guidance and comfort, we designed a new interactive jogging track. The first of its kind in Denmark. The operational principle is simple and intuitive, inviting anybody to take a run in the new interactive track. In the beginning of the route, the user chooses which direction to run and a preferred speed.

With a press of a button, the game begins. The bollards placed along the 2,5 km track, give a the runner a personal colored light signal that he or she follows on the route.

The track itself is illuminated by architectural lighting columns designed by Alfred Priess, and custom adapted bollards, both featuring LED technology. The bollards feature a functional downlight illuminating the track, as well as a side light that adds extra vibrance and ambiental feeling to the green surroundings during the dark hours. The functional and ambiental light sources are sensor controlled, and are preset to dim down to 10% when there aren't any people on the pathway. When presence is registered, the lighting increases to full output. As an extra benefit, the dimming feature has a tremendous impact on prolonging the LED life cycle. The lighting hours increase to 50.000, compared to 10.000 hours without dimming.  This means saving on maintenance and service.

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