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01 Citygrid CONTROLLERs  

The CONTROL unit is the intelligent heart that transforms a luminaire into a Smart City Solution.

By using Seneco Citygrid controllers, street luminaires become part of a smart city solution.

The luminaires can be controlled by a combination of the Seneco Citygrid Con­trollers, including the Citygrid Zhaga Con­troller and the Citygrid On-Pole Controller.

Citygrid Zhaga with Sensor


The compact, all in one design of the Citygrid Zhaga with Sensor, enables any luminaire incorporating a Zhaga Book 18 socket pointed towards the road surface to become a motion controlled smart streetlight. 

Citygrid controller Installations can operate as a standalone or connected to our dashboard through our cloud solution using a Citygrid Gateway.




  • Build in Motion detection

  • On board environmental sensing

  • Geolocation option

  • Accurate power metering through the LED driver

  • Shock and tilt detection

  • Dali2 & D4i certified

  • Standby power < 0,50 W


With a SENSOR in each luminaire, the streetlight becomes truly versatile, pro­viding public safety and comfort.

The sensor detects any motion, such as pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles, and activates the light.

This ensures the correct level of lighting in front of users at all times, thus ensuring they have a safe and comfortable journey at night-time.

Seneco offers a range of different motion sensors for our Citygrid controller products.


  • The detection range is approximately 12m
    when mounted at a height of between 4 and 8 metres.

  • Wide detection angle 115 degrees

  • Low environmental impact

  • Public safety and comfort



The Dongle is a personal system key.

The Dongle makes it possible for the Seneco Apps to communicate
with the Citygrid controllers
for configuration and control
of the luminaires.


  • Enables high levels of security

  • Easy user access

  • MicroUSB rechargeable battery lasting a full working day

  • Small and compact –
    fits in a pocket

05 APP

Using the Seneco App in conjunction with the Dongle, enables the user to configure and service the luminaires and add information about luminaries to the Asset Management dashboard.

1. Producer app:

Quality control tool for Luminaire manufacturers to verify correct functionality and set-up the light intensity, and to carry out scheduling and track units.

This tool tests the controller and luminaire before installation.  Essential data and tracking information are saved to the Cloud database.

2. Configuration app:
Easy to use configuration tool for installation and maintenance.

Facilitates configuration of light intensity, motion sensor action and much more.
Any data entered or retrieved using the App is saved in our Cloud database for easy Asset Management.

3. Asset management app:

Adds information such as GPS position, manufacturer and luminaire model for luminaires without Seneco controllers to the dashboard Asset Management system.



Key data relating to streetlight performance is accessible through the Cloud solution. The web platform’s intuitive in­terface allows easy light management. The dashboard facilitates monitoring, configuration and asset management.



  • Easy control & monitoring system

  • Light management

  • System health monitoring

  • Asset management

  • Changing of system settings

  • Automatic lamp fault reporting

  • Viewing of luminaire lifetime statistics

  • Viewing of metering & consumption data

  • Open API with easy integration to 3rd party GIS system and Smart City.


GSM network

Microsoft Azure Cloud

GSM network


Product interaction

3. ASSET MANAGEMENT manual, coming

Doc. Espanol


The Gateway is the intelligent data bridge between the Cloud database and the luminaires.

It enables the customer-owned data to be available for displaying on the Seneco Citygrid dashboard or by 3rd party systems.

All data is communicated via a secure protocol.


  • Enables remote control for all
    or individual luminaires

  • Retrieves consumption data
    and error alerts from
    all luminaires

  • Includes an internal relay
    for controlling an external
    high-power circuit breaker

  • Power sensor function

  • Easy to install on poles or cabinets

Citygrid On Pole

This sleek and durable design allows the Citygrid On-Pole Controller to be eas­ily mounted on the light pole of new or existing lighting fixtures.

The On-Pole Controller enables any luminaire using Dali communication solutions to be transformed into a smart fixture 


  • All-in-one design

  • Built-in motion sensing

  • Accurate power metering

  • Geo-location option available

  • On-board temperature measurement

  • Built-in accelerometer

  • Standby power < 0.6W



Citygrid Controllers:
Dongle, Gateway:



Android device

Citygrid Zhaga

The Citygrid Zhaga Controller can be easily at­tached to any luminaire using the Zhaga Book 18 socket technology.


  • Built-in light and temperature measurement

  • Built-in accelerometer

  • Geo-location option available

  • Pending Phillips SR certification

Citygrid InFix

InFix24 Controller

The ultra-compact design enables the Citygrid inFix controller to be easily accommo­dated inside the lighting fixture.

This makes it a versatile product that can be integrated into either a sleek architectural luminaire or a robust industrial design.


  • Motion Sensor ready

  • Accurate power metering

  • Both DALI and 1-10V interface

  • Accelerometer and internal temperature measurement

  • Standby power < 0.6W

  • Available for both Mains voltage and DC supply