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With a SENSOR in each luminaire, the street light becomes truly adaptive providing public safety and comfort.

The sensor detects motion and traffic (cars, bikes, pedestrians) when entering the sensor and luminaire field.

This ensures light in front of the user at all time for a safe and comfortable nightand journey.


  • Wide detection angle 115 degrees

  • 12 meter detection range

  • Low environmental impact

  • Public safety and comfort



The Dongle is a personal system key.

The Dongle makes it possible to control the street lights, do network settings, see statistics and much more.


  • Enables high security

  • Easy user access

  • MicroUSB rechargeable

  • Small size, fits in the pocket



The CONTROL unit is the intelligent heart of the luminaire and transforms it into Smart City Solution.


  • Accurate power metering

  • Astronomical & real-time clock integrated

  • All data is saved on flash memory

  • Sensor power & enabling

  • Both DALI and 1-10V interface

  • Standby power < 0,6 watt

  • Multiple wireless interfaces

05 APP


Add information about luminaries to the asset management dashboard Storing GPS position, manufacturer, luminaire model etc.

1. Producer app: 
Quality control tool for production to setup the light intensity, scheduling and traceability. Connects and tests the controller and luminaire for working properly before installation.

2. Configuration app:
Easy configuration after luminaries have been installed. Essential Data is saved in cloud database for easy site interface to other systems.

3. Asset management app:
Add luminaries without control
to dashboard asset management: 
GPS position, manufacturer, luminaire model etc.



The gateway is the intelligent data bridgebetween the cloud and the luminaires. All data is communicated via a secure protocol.



  • Powering street lights on and off

  • Easy to install on poles and cabinets

  • Multiple wireless interfaces



The key data on the street light performance is accessible through the cloud solution.

The web platform’s intuitive interface allows easy light management.
The dashboard provides monitoring, configuration and asset management.


  • Simple control & monitoring system

  • Light management

  • System health monitoring

  • Asset management

  • Change system settings

  • Automatic lamp fault reporting

  • View luminaire lifetime statistics

  • View metering & consumption data

  • Open API with easy integration to 3rd party GIS system and Smart City


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