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Intelligent street

lighting control

Up to 92% energy savings | 40% cost savings | Public safety


OEMs, utilities and municipalities 

in more than 6 countries benefit from 

the Seneco advantages


asset management​


data ownership

Easy configuration

& installation

Improved Capex

& Opex


lighting control

Open secure standards

The commuters' comfort and safety is our top priority.

We work closely with OEMs to integrate control, antenna and sensors in their luminaries. Everything is branded with the OEMs brand/logo.

The right amount of light when needed and where needed.

We have addressed the issues of wasted energy and light pollution without making compromise on commuters’ safety and visual comfort. The intelligent dimming can be fully controlled through the CMS or let the smart sensor decide according to human/vehicle presence on site. Early LED dimming models gained an infamous reputation for abrupt falls in light levels. Seneco has developed an algorithm that enables synchronized and smooth light adjustment in the direction of movement.

Seneco enables clean, energy efficient public lighting. 

One of the system's biggest advantages is easy configuration 

after the luminaries have been installed. All data incoming from the Seneco devices is saved in the cloud database and is accessible through Seneco CMS (desktop or mobile app).

Main advantages

main advantages
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